Titan Capital

TitanTalks EP 07: Community, Commerce, and Creator Economy


Titan Capital has always committed to providing the necessary awareness to the startup community. We have been grateful to continue to define the Indian Startup Ecosystem.


In a motion to strive for these ideals, we started TitanTalks, a series by Titan Capital where we invite remarkable founders and drive discussions about the most asked questions in the startup world ranging from finding ideas, building MVP, achieving PMF, hiring, fund raising, and building sustainable and scalable businesses.


TitanTalks Episode 7 breaks down every element about the creator-led commerce community. This industry has seen a huge boom in the last few years and we had a remarkable speaker lineup to bring forth interesting insights:


1. Abhishek Kejriwal, Co-founder, Kutumb
2. Anirudh Singla, Co-founder, Pepper Content
3. Bipin Shah, Partner, Titan Capital
4. Ishan Jindal, Co-founder, Wobb
5. Pallavi Utagi, Co-founder, SuperBottoms
6. Saurabh Gupta, Co-founder, Tamasha
7. Swapnil Saurav, Co-founder, Rigi
8. Vimal Rathore, Co-founder, Qoohoo


The panelists didn’t leave any stones unturned in sharing their knowledge and expertise about the industry with respect to their own startup experiences. With stimulating discussions about decoding the success of creator-led campaigns, revenue streams on the platform, instilling trust and credibility for your platform in gig freelancers, leveraging gaming communities, and a guide on how to build attractive creator commerce startups, the entire session was full of lifelong learnings.