Titan Capital

TitanTalks EP 06: Selling SaaS Overseas!


Titan Capital has always committed to the motto of “Be Better and Help Be Better.” We have been grateful to continue to define the Indian Startup Ecosystem and provide the necessary awareness to the community.


In a motion to strive for these ideals, we started TitanTalks, a series by Titan Capital where we invite remarkable founders and drive discussions about the most asked questions in the startup world ranging from finding ideas, building MVP, achieving PMF, hiring, fund raising, and building sustainable and scalable businesses.


TitanTalks Episode 6 deep dived into the workings and planning that a SaaS business needs to ensure before entering the international waters. And to enlighten everyone with the insights, we had the most delightful speaker lineup:


1. Adit Chhabra, Co-founder, Wobot.ai
2. Aquibur Rahman, Co-founder, Mailmodo
3. Niki Khokale, Co-founder, Fountain9 (YC W21)
4. Raghu Ravinutala, Co-founder, yellow.ai
5. Raviteja Dodda, Co-founder, MoEngage Inc.
6. Sanket Shah, Co-founder, InVideo
7. Bipin Shah, Partner, Titan Capital


These founders shared their trade secrets with respect to their own startup experiences. With priceless tips such as refining the offering to cater to the US market, leveraging content marketing, managing price negotiations, and significance of GDPR compliance, the entire session was full of lifelong learnings.