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P-TAL Raises INR 4.33 Crore in Seed Funding from Titan Capital and others


P-TAL, a startup promoting and manufacturing authentic and artisanal kitchenware, cookware, and home decor products, has raised seed funding round of INR 4.33 crore led by Titan Capital, with participation from a diverse group of notable investors, including Anicut Capital, Ghazal Alagh (Mamaearth), Sandeep Aggarwal (Droom and Shopclues), Vishesh Khurana (Shiprocket), Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah (Beardo and Renee Cosmetics), Bala Sarda (VAHDAM India), Deep Bajaj and Mohit Bajaj (Sirona), Ashish Tulsian (POSist), Arjun Vaidya (Dr Vaidya’s and V3 Ventures) among several others.


P-TAL aims to revive ancient traditions in a contemporary way while promoting the use of traditional metals like brass, copper, and bronze, which Ayurveda recognizes as beneficial to health. The company’s products are handcrafted by the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru, Punjab, who have the distinction of practising India’s only UNESCO-listed craft form included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage list.


The funding will be utilised to build a strong core team for scaling the venture and establishing P-TAL as a trusted global brand in the widely unorganized space of brass, copper, and bronze products. P-TAL has made significant progress in the market, witnessing remarkable momentum since its inception as just a college project in SRCC. The brand has played a vital role in reviving the craft of the Thatheras while also increasing the monthly income of 55 artisan families by over a whoping 1200%. P-TAL’s products have gained recognition beyond borders and have been selected for gifting by prestigious clients such as the Reserve Bank of India, Pernod Ricard, the G20 Summit 2023, and Engineers India Limited (EIL).


With a strong digital presence, P-TAL boasts a base of over 100,000 followers across various social media platforms. The company has achieved an impressive revenue growth of 300% year-on-year in the last three years. These achievements have earned P-TAL a position among the  fastest-growing D2C brands in India.


Co-founder and CEO of P-TAL, Aditya Agrawal, expressed excitement about the investment, saying, “We have a strong belief that it’s not just about the food we eat; how we cook and consume our food matters equally, if not more. We wish to ensure that with P-TAL, we are able to help people across the world switch back to the right choices of using traditional metals in cooking, drinking, and eating. The funding round we have raised has not just been about the capital but has also helped us get onboard key investors from the ecosystem who have built large businesses, and we are elated to have their support in our vision.


Bipin Shah, from Titan Capital, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to be a part of P-TAL’s journey. The company’s commitment to preserving India’s cultural heritage while delivering really pure and high-quality products is truly commendable. We believe in their vision to promote traditional materials and craftsmanship in a modern world to sell Bharat made products in global markets.”


P-TAL has received two prestigious awards recently. The company was awarded the Shiprocket SHIVIR award for being the best brand in Cultural Legacy Sustenance and was also named the Best Emerging D2C Startup by a leading media outlet. P-TAL has been appreciated by UNESCO for its efforts in preserving and promoting India’s cultural heritage.