Titan Capital

Kunal Bahl On Company’s Growth Story, India’s Startup Space & More


Shereen Bhan’s conversation with Titan Capital’s founder Kunal Bahl as they discuss building resilient organizations. A resilient organization can quickly adapt to new challenges and seize opportunities, even during downturns.


Here are some key takeaways from this video:

1. Great power comes from our greatest wounds
2. Fundraising will give you pleasure but profitability give you happiness
3. A founder must keep the company alive and must keep their head in the game.
4. Diluting stakes: how much and when?
5. Nascent segments in India: Agriculture, SaaS, Healthcare, Fintech
6. Connecting global story with the Indian startup ecosystem
7. The key to a successful co-founder relationship is trust & resilience


In conclusion, building a resilient organization is a continuous process that requires focus, discipline, and adaptability.