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India’s Fastest Growing Bicycle Brand

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At Ninety One, we have always been driven by our mission of reconnecting you with the outdoors through delightful products that appeal to the lifestyle and fitness aspirations of modern India. As a new-age brand of cycles – from kids cycles to electric cycles, our focus is on designing well engineered products that exceed your expectations on safety, durability, comfort and style. Each Ninety One cycle comes with a lifetime frame warranty and helps you earn rewards for every mile you pedal with our wynd app. When you buy a 91 cycle, you are a proud owner of a world-class engineered product that is made in India, made for the world.
91 holds special significance for our country. It represents our gateway to the world as our country code (think +91) and the inflection point in our nation’s history (1991) that unshackled our economic growth. Embodying India’s modern, young, fit, action-oriented and evolving spirit, Ninety One inspires you to break free from a sedentary and digital way of life to reclaim the outdoors, reconnecting with nature and community.

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